upcoming and on going Exhibition 

  • STATE of ART: new work, the Hawai`i state Art Museum, Honolulu, USA (8/3/2018-9/30/2019)http://sfca.hawaii.gov/hisam/visitor-information/
  • Hot Bed 20:20 Print Exchange 2018, neo:galleryX, Bolton § The World of Glass,St. Helens, UK
  • VIEW FILES:Mokuhanga (links to Ukiyo-e), Kentler International Drawing space, NY, USA (3/1-4/21/2019)
  • PRESENT, CFSHE Gallery, Tokyo, JAPAN (5/18-5/26/2019)
  • Into the Fold, CFSHE Gallery, Tokyo, JAPAN (5/29~6/6)

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